Plus Group and Salas O’Brien Join Forces as Engineering Leaders

Plus Group merged with Salas O’Brien, expanding our expertise and service as we continue to serve our valued clients. Plus Group management will not change, in keeping with Salas O’Brien’s mission to be “local everywhere, with international resources.”

Customer Testimonial

I was very satisfied with the resources we used with Plus Group. I was pleased with the open communication and project involvement, and the capabilities of Dennis McCullough. Overall, we were very happy with our results!

John K., Multinational Food Manufacturer

Customer Testimonial

“Plus Group is great when it comes to executing projects on our timeline, they work with us to understand our time constraints and do their best to match our schedules needs.”

Ryan P., Laboratory Equipment Company

Customer Testimonial

“Plus Group’s great efficiency and project capability is what makes us choose them over another competitor.”

Von B., Steel Company

Customer Testimonial

“Plus Group’s team of experts, such as Eric Angulo and Matthew Cifreo, are why we select them over their competition for our Automation and IT needs.”

Jarrod P., Building Materials Company

Customer Testimonial

“Plus Group values high quality of work for their projects, which is a key factor that we look for in our completion of projects, this is why our company continues to look for ways to partner with Plus Group to enhance our abilities in providing  Engineering, Automation, and Construction needs for our customers.”

Ted S., Safety Engineering Company

Customer Testimonial

“Our number one factor as we complete a project is having involvement throughout the process, and Plus Group does a fantastic job involving us every step of the way.”

Tobin P. , Pet Food Manufacturer

Customer Testimonial

“The folks at Plus Group are very professional and knowledgeable in their fields, I 100% recommend them for your projects. They did a good job!”

Johnny A., Construction Products Company


Providing expert service and quality solutions to industrial markets.

The credentials of our engineers and the depth of their experience in the field are without equal. The skill and technical competence of our team has earned Plus Group the respect of companies throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.



Food & Beverage

Consumer Products



Project Example

Digital Twin and Business Optimization

CLIENT REQUEST A major food & beverage client was preparing for increased demands in capacity and knew it would require major upgrades to their existing...

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Three is greater than one.

Plus Group is more than meets the eye. We aren’t just another engineering group—we’re a collective of three industry-leading companies that focus on you, the customer. Our Process and Facilities, Industrial Automation, and Construction Management teams can work independently or together on any project, delivering exactly what you need, every time.

Dennis Romak

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