Bob Frey is an Automation Engineer and Project Manager at our HQ office in Cincinnati. To learn more check out Bob’s employee spotlight post here.

This year, Bob presented at the 2020 Virtual AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo. His presentation addressed Industry 4.0, what it means in today’s world, how Automation Plus implements industry 4.0 by bringing quantifiable operational improvements through technology. 

Automation Plus established Industry 40 to be: 

  • Real-time Connection to Business Systems
  • Holistically Optimizing Operations
  • Predictive Production/Maintenance
  • Targeted Equipment/Operation Analysis
  • Automating/Verifying Manual Processes
  • Agile Manufacturing

Recently, Automation Plus implemented industry 4.0 for a significant manufacturing facility within a highly regulated industry. Automation Plus accomplished this by completing a control system modernization from AB PLC-5 to a modern server-based distributed control system (PlantPAx) in a fully validated environment.  

Previously, the customer’s challenges included issues with reliability, production inefficiency, and material tracking issues. As a solution, an interface between factory floor control and the SAP enterprise system was implemented. This solution allowed for increased production, total paperless production, ERP-level logistics and integration, and a complete simulation system for training and offline modifications. Our customer had a list of reasons why they selected this solution. The reasons included migrating to modern and scalable automation technology. The technology supported FDA validation processes. It both mitigated risk and minimized operational costs, and it provided electronic records and data security. 

Automation Plus provided the technical expertise and industry insight for total project success. 

Were you interested in viewing Bob’s presentation? If you missed the conference, you could access Bob’s presentation for free HERE. By creating a free account through AOCS, you can search Bob Frey and view his presentation slides with accompanying Audio.  

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