Core Values

It’s about who we are and how we operate.

We are Empowered to do the Right Thing

Every employee is empowered. This means we are given the freedom to take the initiative in getting the job done and going above and beyond for the customer. As a company, we have confidence in the capabilities of our employees and their ability to do the right thing day in and day out. Doing the right thing is performing with trust and integrity, both personally and professionally. We work to create long lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. We won’t be just another vendor. We will all build partnering relationships.

We Will Always Pursue Continuous Improvement

Good is never good enough. We strive to improve everything we do. We will leverage the potential of each employee to better serve our customers. To do this, we incorporate lessons learned throughout each project. Employees are encouraged to be vocal, identify opportunities and then implement to improve our processes and systems. By incorporating employee and customer feedback into our culture, we are able to continuously better the services we provide. We will not be content, but open to growth by advancing and evolving all that we do.

We Succeed with Teamwork and Collaboration

Working together is vital. Our project teams are committed to our customers and the overall success of our projects. From one-on-one meetings to interdisciplinary team meetings, we collaborate with each other to design great solutions. We must continuously communicate. We are flexible in meeting the demands of our customers. We are supportive of one another and are always willing to rise to the occasion. Working as a team creates a family-like atmosphere. Together we perform best, and then together, we celebrate!

We Will Solve Problems with Passion

Our Exceptional Customer Service and Technical Capability will Enable us to have Satisfied and Enthused Customers. Superior technical capability and customer service are a given. We work in a competitive industry but we have no desire to be just another EA firm. We want our customers to remember us; remember our people, our skills, our professionalism, our responsiveness, our quality – our service. Our project delivery, technical aptitude and customer service will create satisfaction and enthusiasm. We will make an impact on our customers such that they will be our biggest advocates and long-standing partners.

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