Automation Plus jumps ahead this year on System Integrator Giants list ranked by CFE Media (Control Engineering and Plant Engineering magazines).

Automation Plus hits the list for their 10th year in the row, coming in at #46/100.  Automation Plus continues to dominate as a recognized system integrator! The System Integrator Giants list comprises the top 100 system integrator’s among companies listed in the CFE Media Global System Integrator Database ranked solely on total system integration revenue. Click here to see the full list. The submission to the System Integrator Giants list asked some questions that we find would benefit potential customers in knowing about Automation Plus. These questions included:

What are the attributes of your best customers? The best attributes of our customers are their willingness to receive advice and guidance for potential process and system improvements and what option(s) provide the best value and are future-oriented. Therefore, when we roll out our customized plan to meet their project needs, they are understanding of the long-term ramifications of their aging systems, and realize with our phased methodology, utilizing Master Planning as an excellent approach to legacy migration projects, they see that we are the firm of choice. Lastly, another great attribute of our best customers is providing honest and open feedback throughout the project lifecycle and acting as a partner from concept through commissioning.

What should an end user expect from a good system integrator? Expertise – the SI should understand your specific manufacturing process and technology platforms. Breadth of Technology & Service Offerings – Knowledge and expertise within more than one software platform They understand the client’s overall operational goals and ensure the project will help achieve those goals. References – relevant experience with client references