Thursday, April 26 was national “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” Plus Group joined in the fun by hosting nearly 50 children and grandchildren of our employees, at our Cincinnati office. “Building on the Future” was the theme  for the day and the children were greeted by “Carl” and “Russell” from the Pixar film “Up.”

The children participated in experiments with automation, process, electrical, mechanical and structural  engineering, architecture, piping design, construction and marketing. We even had a virtual reality headset where the kids were able to tour a chemical facility.

The main project was to build a house with their set teams. They were able to use all kinds of different materials including cardboard, foam core, pipe cleaners, paper, moss, led lights and more. The houses were modeled after the classic house from the movie, however, each team was encouraged to show their creativity and uniqueness. After their houses were built, each team presented their project, describing their approach, any problems they ran into, and of course the final product. Every team had a successful project delivery.

Thank you to all our volunteers and, most importantly, to the children in attendance for making the day a giant, fun, exciting success!