Canola is Not a New Word At The Plus Group

Plus Group has been focused on the Food & Beverage, Soy and Canola production since inception in 1996. Helping customers sustainably keep operation costs lost and provide quality products through engineering and implementing new technologies and new innovations to these ever-changing industries is a constant focus of ours. Plus Group clients are seeking increased yields with focus on minimizing waste and finding ways to reuse resources, overall strengthening the overall sustainability of their plants

With the help of our Automation Plus team Soy and Canola producers can collect important data that can help them make important decisions when it comes to their plants. With the help of digital technology available today our team can help farmers can increase their yields and find solutions that make sense for their business needs.

According to the U.S. Canola Association, “About 2 million acres of canola are grown annually in the United States, primarily in the Northern Plains, Pacific Northwest, and Southern Great Plains. In 2021, nearly 2.2 million acres of canola were planted in 29 states, led by North Dakota (79%) and followed by Montana (7.7%), Washington (5.4%), Idaho (3.6%), Minnesota (2.8%) and Oklahoma (0.5%).”

Plus Group has been involved with growing this industry including a Soybean Crush Plant in Minnesota (3000 tpd), Greenfield Crush Plant with Biodiesel Plant (4000 tpd), Canola Crush Plant and Refinery in Canada (1500 tpd), Soybean Crush and SPC Plant in Illinois (400 tpd & 60k tonnes/yr SPC), and more as the continued rise in Oil seeds grow.

From project management, engineering, and design, to commissioning and startup, from the world’s largest manufacturers like ADM, Bungee, and Cargill. Plus Group has the experienced personnel on our teams to handle your canola needs, clocking over 100+ hours a year in finding solutions to help support those industries.

When asking our Grain Processing SME, Dan Clevenger, what the biggest issues he is seeing with our clients he responded, “The Plus Group has the horsepower, depth and quality of work to go from seed to oil and provide eco-friendly and sustainable products”.

Dan has worked in Agri-Food Industry for over 24 Years in Construction, Operations, Maintenance, Plant optimization, Environmental, Distillation / Evaporation Assistant Superintendent, Project Engineer, Capital Appropriation, Project Manager & Consulting. Experience with Corn, Bean, Wheat & Canola Processing, Drying, Solvent Extraction, SPC, Soy Isolate, Distillation, Evaporation Extrusion, Oil Refining, and Lecithin Production & Refining.