Plus Group, made up of Process Plus, Design Build Plus and Automation Plus, is growing and maturing as we begin our third year as a triad of companies under one roof. While we were founded in 1996 as Process Plus, since our organizational change in 2016, we have experienced great leaps and successes over the past two years.

Grant Mitchell, who has been operating as President of Process Plus since 2015 and CEO of Plus Group since 2016, has recently relinquished his Presidential title earlier this month and is now solely focusing on his role as Plus Group CEO.

“Since forming Plus Group, it has been our vision to transition to three presidents running the respective companies and one CEO responsible for major corporate decisions and leading strategy for the overall organization’s direction and growth.” Grant Mitchell, CEO of Plus Group.

The announcement of John Koehler as the new Process Plus President in early February means the organizations’ focus and accomplishments are bringing to fruition the plans and vision set in previous years.

As CEO, Grant’s main focus is the strategic direction and growth of the overall organization. He will continue to work closely with the three company presidents, as well as the Nashville and Cleveland offices. He continues to be involved in our decisions regarding stewardship and charitable giving as it is a personal passion and organizational priority.