A Construction Site Done Right.

Design Build Plus is an industrial construction management company with a focus in on the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Food & Beverage markets. Our employees acquire qualified contractors, bid on the projects, and coordinate the construction work onsite.

Design Build Plus

Building the Perfect Project.

We at Design Build Plus are nimble, providing the necessary services at the right time for our customers, and executing projects that vary in size, complexity, contracting methodology and geographical location. Our employees consist of industrial based construction managers who understand the requirements of highly regulated industries and utilize the engineering expertise of their sister company, Process Plus. We provide our clients with key information, allowing them to make informed decisions on how their projects should be executed. While we utilize our proven project execution strategy, we adapt to each customer and tailor our approach to fit their needs.

Project Example

Design & Construction for New Animal Feed Plant

The new plant is a buildout at the client’s existing site and was designed to allow partial production to incrementally increase to the ultimate facility full capacity. Plus Group sister companies, Process Plus, Design Build Plus & Automation Plus worked together to execute this project against an aggressive timeline. Due to the coordinated effort, the…

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Plus Group Diagram

Three is greater than one.

Plus Group is more than meets the eye. We aren't just another engineering group—we're a collective of three industry-leading companies that focus on you, the customer. Our Process and Facilities, Industrial Automation, and Construction Management teams can work independently or together on any project, delivering exactly what you need, every time.