Adam Benjey, Department Manager of Project Mangers, Automation Plus

Adam has over twenty years of EPCM capital project management and design experience with a strong focus in process control. Adam consistently establishes client trust and confidence by championing his clients’ business objectives, delivering technical excellence, and managing projects with transparency, flexibility, and predictability.

Through his success Adam has earned the opportunity to partner with his clients beyond project execution to be a trusted resource for development of their capital project planning. This trusted relationship yields not only repeat business but develops advocates within the client’s organization that leads to a preferred provider status and steady, non-compete, program-level business relationships.

Adam extends the value of trust to his project team. He fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect amongst his team, treating all team members as stakeholders in the success of the project. Adam values each team member’s contribution, leveraging their strengths for the good of the project and looking for opportunities to help each team member exceed client expectations as well as their personal goals.

Fun Facts: Adam sings, plays drums, and some rhythm guitar. He played in various garage bands in his high school and college days, and won a local radio singing contest in the 90’s.