Meet Anthony Banks! Anthony is Plus Group’s Process Design Department Manager with nearly 25 years of experience in Process Mechanical Design in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. Anthony has worked in a variety of roles and brings excellent management and organizational skills to the Plus Group with extensive process and mechanical design experience in bulk handling projects, process piping systems, conveying equipment, sheet metal chutes and ductwork.

Before coming to Plus Group, Anthony was a Senior Mechanical and Process Designer for AMG, Inc for 22 years. He had led our Process Design team for the past 5 years, as both a Senior Mechanical Designer and as now Department Manager where he guides a team of 20 designers on mechanical design, equipment layout, piping and utility systems for facilities from the conceptual stage through construction. He works closely with engineers and design professionals to create and improve manufacturing systems and processes and provides support during the building and installation phase to make sure things are built properly, according to the design specifications, and aligned with the overall  client goal.

Over the course of his career, he’s had the opportunity to tackle a variety of interesting projects with clients who are doing things that have never been done before. The exposure to a wide range of industries and technologies was instrumental to his growth as a designer with welcomed challenges that have continually advanced his skill set. After 20 in the industry, he’s still finding ways to improve as a designer and attributes that to Plus Group’s innovative and supportive environment that fosters both professional and personal development.

As a Department Manager, Anthony is inspired when he gets to witness his team coming together and having each other’s backs to finish an unexpected obstacle and watching his team expand their abilities and evolve as leaders.  As a designer, he enjoys the ability to visit a project site to see the design that was worked on in operation after final construction knowing that he was a part of that innovation from the beginning. Year after year, he continues to be impressed with Plus Group’s capabilities, commitment, and professional integrity.