Bob Withey is a Senior Project Manager at the Plus Group with over 40 years of experience focused on collaboration in industrial process control system projects from concept through completion in the refining/Oil/Gas, Specialty Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Health Care Products, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Minerals, Biotech/Pharmaceutical, Aircraft industries. Bob directly supervised Program Managers and an organizational structure of 60 to 90 Project Managers and engineers on $60MM multi-disciplinary projects.

Bob decided to go into project management because he’s a true “planner” at heart. Like the coach of a football team, Bob enjoys taking (usually imperfect) data, forming a plan of attack, observing real-time results, adjusting the plan as needed on the fly to address shortcomings or unexpected events, and driving toward success.

The most rewarding aspect of Bob’s job is overcoming obstacles to deliver solutions. This may sound simple in concept, but Bob takes incredible satisfaction in belonging to a team that achieves excellent results despite difficult or seemingly impossible challenges. He feels blessed to have been part of many teams that have achieved truly incredible results in the face of adversity.

A typical day for Bob is mostly spent interacting directly with stakeholders, team members, and customers to formulate, evaluate, and adjust our project execution plans. With multiple disciplines and often multiple customer contacts working simultaneously on a project, the lines of communication can quickly become very complex, especially on large projects with conflicting schedules. However, Bob believes that reliable communications are essential to assuring the team remains aligned and that our work does not dissolve into chaos. Project management has many facets to the role. Yet, each is ultimately focused on helping others accomplish something positive.

Bob likes working for the Plus Group because it allows him to work with a great team of professionals. He enjoys the camaraderie and banter that comes with working together. In addition, his team describes him as an open leader, willing to jump in and help wherever needed. Bob’s industry knowledge, experience, and upbeat personality make him an excellent addition to the Plus Group.
A fun fact about Bob is that he has a passion for model railroading. He’s built a basement-sized model railroad that he operates with friends, recreating a transportation system as it would have been in eastern Pennsylvania in August of 1975.