Let’s introduce our April Employee Spotlight! Carla Berkshire is a Senior Process Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Production Process Design, Process Hazard Analysis, Plant Maintenance, and Safety Management expertise for projects ranging from Process Waste Facilities and Pet Food Facility Expansions to managing cross-functional teams as a Lead Process Engineer.

Carla began her journey at Plus Group nearly seven years ago, but her interest in engineering and science started long before that. Her Father, a Chemical Engineer, taught her early about engineering through casual everyday conversation. She remembers one car ride where her Dad explained to an environmentally conscious Carla that the plume coming from a nearby plant was actually steam, not smoke. When she was in high school, she won first place at the Cleveland State University science fair for a project on thermal conductivity, which included a trip to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair. After graduating from the University of Dayton with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Carla went on to work as a Process Engineer, Process Improvements Manager, Application Engineering Supervisor, and finally, as a Lead Process Engineer with Process Plus.

When she joined Plus Group, Carla enjoyed having the freedom to work on many different projects and focus on various aspects of process engineering. One of the most rewarding parts of her job is what sets Plus Group apart from other engineering firms. Carla believes that it’s crucial to connect with clients deeper to exceed their expectations with high-quality work and excellent customer service. She feels that Plus Group offers creative solutions, ingenuity, and empowerment to do the right thing for our customers, no matter what. She’s motivated by taking on difficult assignments that require her to learn something new or push herself beyond her comfort zone. Her team describes Carla as friendly, relatable, technically competent, and value her willingness to teach and share helpful information with others.

One of her favorite memories at Plus Group is from a ‘Bring Your Child to Work’ event, which allowed her children to learn about what she does and learn about the complex components of large-scale engineering projects. Her daughter still remembers the valuable exercise about effective communication and her son’s experience with a fruit-snack robot that inspired him to consider a career as an Automation Engineer.
Carla reminds everyone to take a breath and ask that question. Don’t spend time believing that asking for help implies weakness or results in judgment. Most people, particularly good colleagues, are always more than happy to help you out and share their knowledge.

Carla’s experience and technical ability have been crucial to the continued growth of Plus Group and Process Plus over the years. However, when asked about her greatest accomplishment, Carla simply said, “I think the best is yet to come.” We look forward to watching Carla’s future successes and triumphs in the coming years.