Meet Karlee!

Karlee is one of our Associate Project Managers at Plus Group. She has been a part of our Plus Group family since 2015, starting in the Process Design group. She has an associate degree in Chemistry, and a bachelor’s in engineering and Computing. Karlee is currently working on finishing up her master’s degree in Project Management from Liberty University, expected to graduate in August. Karlee is an excellent problem solver, a great team player, and one who is always eager to learn new things.

She recently received some fantastic feedback from one of our current clients. Karlee received praise for her hard work and care that she gives to each of her projects she has taken on and is an excellent example of a colleague that lives out Plus Group’s Core Values, ensuring that our process revolves around the clients.

Some additional admiration Karlee has received from clients:

  • Proves that she cares about the clients’ needs.
  • Works to understand the problem, not just give an answer.
  • Works to find solutions that accommodate the client’s needs.
  • Always the first to jump at a task, no matter how challenging or ‘new’ it is.

Fun Fact: Karlee’s first day at Process Plus was when she was eight years old. She attended Process Plus’s first Bring Your Child to Work Day.