Nebula O’Hara is a Mechanical Engineer and Licensed Professional Engineer at Plus Group, working at Process Plus in our Chicago office. She received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Engineering Management from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and is an expert in piping design, hydraulic modeling, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). When Nebula first joined Plus Group, she felt instantly welcomed by the people and the collaborative work culture which made her feel both empowered and supported to grow as an engineer.

Nebula is exposed to large variety of industries with clients in the steel, agriculture, consumer product, chemical, and pharmaceutical fields. The variety is both exciting and challenging because each project is different with a unique set of codes, regulations, and client standards that must be met to achieve project success. This challenge is what motivates her, giving her great satisfaction when she knows she’s exceeded the clients expectations and provided them with the right solution for their individual needs.

As a kid, Nebula was always curious and asking questions. She spent a lot of time in the garage with her Dad watching him work on anything from ATV’s to rewiring the house, she wanted to know how everything worked. With her inquisitive nature and love of math and science, Nebula decided that engineering would be the perfect fit. We recently traveled to Chicago to meet with Neubla and discussed her career and personal experience working for Plus Group. She answered:

Why do our customers choose Plus Group? What sets Plus Group apart?

Plus Groups has strong technical capabilities and experience.  Everyone is motivated and passionate about their jobs.  The company has a fantastic work culture that is supportive and empowering, and that allows for great synergy when working with a client.

What’s the biggest career lesson or life lesson you’ve learned?

Never stop asking questions; you will never stop learning.  There are a lot of intelligent and experienced individuals in this field and they all have a perspective to offer.  The other lesson is to actively listen.  An important component to providing the best solution is to listen. Listening is such a critical skill both professionally and personally.

What are 3 words to describe Plus Group? What parts of our Core Values do you resonate with?

3 words – Ambitious, Collaborative, Inclusive.

I resonate most with empowered and teamwork.  The company empowers its employees to be the best they can be.  I truly believe that when employees are empowered and given the tools and freedom to do their job, they perform their best.  Working together to solve problems in a team helps us to succeed. I enjoy working with other disciplines in our organization and with the client.

Fun Fact:

She backpacked the Grand Canyon twice! One of those trips was the R2R2R Trail.