Meet Robert! Robert is one of Plus Groups’ Senior Electrical Engineers with over 40+ years of Engineering, Project Management, Construction Management, and Start-up Supervision experience. He has worked with contractors and owners to complete installation and startup work on numerous multimillion-dollar projects from varying industries, both in technical and managerial roles. Robert’s insightful knowledge of the metal and chemical industry makes him a tremendous asset to our Process Plus team.
Robert’s first electrical engineering experience was when he was a curious young boy, making the memorable mistake of sticking a screwdriver in a light socket. He was shocked as a result. Electrifying his interest in becoming the Electrical Engineer he is today.
As Lead Electrical Engineer, Robert develops requisitions and specifications for electrical installations, medium power motors, switchgear, unit substations, transformers, variable speed drives, I/O panels, and motor control centers. He faces new challenges with optimism and admits that new complex projects is what he looks forward to as an engineer and here at Plus Group. He has always appreciated the rewarding feeling of solving his client’s complex engineering needs.
To Robert, Plus Group is about the people they hire, like-minded individuals who work with a passion for solving problems and caring about the projects they work on. A typical day for Robert can be anything from drafting designs at his desk to performing equipment specs, interfacing with clients, or visiting a client’s facility for onsite support. Due to Covid-19 this year, more installs were done remotely, as Plus Group could not access the areas due to travel bans. This meant new challenges to face as an engineer and meant creating innovative solutions for such unprecedented times.
As a result, Robert gives this advice to new engineers, “love to learn.” The engineering field is always changing, with new technologies, different processes, and updated codes. If the student doesn’t like learning and adapting to the continually evolving field, they won’t reach the full potential. Robert’s other piece of advice is to learn from those wiser than yourself, “The older engineers are tradesmen, and you can learn a lot from them and their past mistakes and successes.”
FUN FACT: When Robert is not hard at work at Plus Group, he enjoys Gardening and Cooking, and the best thing that he has ever grown has been Tomatoes.