“Don’t discount any opportunities that are presented to you. At every job you will have clients to keep happy, schedule to maintain, and tasks to complete. Find something that will keep your interest, enjoyable co-workers, and a good work/life balance”- from Senior Mechanical Engineer, Ryan Burkert.

Ryan Burkert, P.E. has been an integral part of Plus Groups’ process team for almost 10 years, working with manufacturers, production teams, and client management to design custom solutions built for longevity and resilience.

He specializes in Clean cGMP Hygienic Design and Hazardous Classification areas with experience managing multi million dollar LEED Certification projects in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, and Consumer Products markets, where he leverages the latest technologies to deliver sustainable, improved designs with fewer issues.

At first, Ryan hoped to co-op in automotive industry, but had to quickly change plans after the 2008 crash eliminated his co-op program. With just weeks to spare, Ryan joined another architecture design firm, realizing that this could be a career field he never considered.

Ryan was introduced to Plus Group when his co-op advisor took a job with Process Plus and encouraged Ryan to interview. While still taking undergraduate classes and co-oping at the University of Cincinnati, he started part-time at Plus Group and immediately knew it was a natural fit.

After earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, he was hired as a full time Mechanical Engineer, later becoming a Professional Engineer in Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and California. He progressed into his current role, as Senior Mechanical Engineer, due in part to his kinetic leadership, versatility, and eagerness to deliver effective results to his clients. Ryan values each team member’s contribution, leveraging their strengths for the good of the project and looks for opportunities to help each team member exceed expectations as well as their personal goals.

Plus Group has given Ryan the opportunity to experience a wide-range of products, processes, and people in numerous industries and software. His experience includes multimillion dollar production facility and laboratory expansions, mapping out plans for HVAC, Plumbing, and Utility Systems that are designed with careful consideration to the client’s environmental goals.