Meet Ryan Hittinger, our IT & Manufacturing Intelligence Department Manager with 15 years of experience in network design, troubleshooting, and system deployment. He has a repertoire of successfully delivered projects but for the past five years he has focused on design, implementation and troubleshooting of manufacturing control networks for industrial clients. He has worked as a network engineer, network department manager, and a network data analyst focused on leadership, staff development, and customer service.

He was always interested in computers as a kid but did not consider pursuing IT for a career. After graduating from The University of Cincinnati spending his early career in the Telecom industry working on large scale data networks. Ryan was completely unfamiliar with the automation industry until 10 years ago when he decided to change career fields after an unexpected layoff.

Ryan’s typical day is rarely the same, which is what he enjoys most about his job but also what he finds most challenging. He attributes his success to his willingness to work hard to continue growing as a professional. When asked what makes him good at his job, Ryan replied, “I’m not, but I believe you can always be better at your job by continuously growing and learning new things.”

His coworkers describe him as a technically gifted, compassionate individual who adds excitement to the workplace with his fun-loving personality and caring demeanor. He describes the environment at Plus Group as “dynamic, with some of the best people in their field,” which is one of the reasons he love his job.  His best piece of advice is to “follow things you enjoy and find a field where you get to do that.  There will always be bad days but if it is something you enjoy even the bad days are not that bad.”

Fun Fact: I have been an Historical re-enactor, sword fighter and jouster for the last 25 years.