Employee Spotlight: Sarah Seidel

Sarah Seidel is one of our Project Managers for Design Build Plus. Sarah’s experience in the construction industry has given her a strong foundation of knowledge. She can be found frequently working on clients’ sites as a project lead. Sarah has over eight years of experience in the construction and design build field. She has worked as a construction manager, project engineer, and scheduler in construction maintenance, facility renovation projects, manufacturing shutdowns, and construction turnaround. Her attention to detail makes her an essential component to any team. She routinely takes the time to understand the customer’s expectations and works to consistently deliver the highest quality services. Sarah communicates effectively with all levels of an organization and is always a reliable advocate for the Plus Group and our clients.

Fun Fact: Sarah once won a scholarship in college by predicting the compression strength of a brick column that her class built.  Her class based their predictions on the components of the bricks, mortar, and the workmanship that was put into building the column.