Let’s introduce our July employee spotlight, Tammy Deringer, a Project Analyst and Procurement Specialist with nearly 30 years of experience as a senior buyer and procurement manager for raw goods, cosmetics, fragrance, chemical, and flavors manufacturers. After graduating from Morehead State University, Tammy joined Dow Chemical in Gales Ferry, CT, and immediately enjoyed the diverse nature of purchasing and buying. She then took a job at Givaudan, working for 13 years as a Senior Buyer for active cosmetics and fragrances, and was later hired as Purchasing Manager for BASF. She worked with several people at BASF (Emery) that came to Plus Group, and when they moved their corporate offices, one of her former colleagues called her to ask if she would be interested in signing on at Plus Group. She knew Plus Group was the right fit after her first meeting with James Eller. She described the meeting as laid back and fun and knew that she was making a great decision.

She began with Plus Group in 2011 and worked as Procurement Specialist until 2020 but missed the employees and relaxed work atmosphere, so she was thrilled when she decided to return in 2021. Now, Tammy is a Project Analyst and Procurement Specialist. She uses her 30 years of expertise to help clients’ navigate relationships with vendors and subcontractors as the head of Plus Groups’ purchasing.

A self-described planner, Tammy prevents problems by thinking ahead to resolve issues early on while also remaining open-minded and flexible to changing needs throughout the process. She invests in her clients’ work, not only because she finds it fascinating but also because she greatly enjoys being a part of the solution for our customers. A typical day is never the same, which is something Tammy finds both challenging and exciting. One day she might purchase orders for clients and spend the next issuing quote requests for Plus Group or tracking shipments; it just depends on the project.
To Tammy, Plus Group comprises hardworking, caring individuals that place value on employee well-being and who go above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients.

Fun Fact? I once spent a summer traveling around Europe on my own. I probably learned more that summer than at any other time in my life.