“Life is not linear, and neither is work. Go in different directions if you want to, learn two to three things at a time. You can grow in your field while also growing in a firm and/or personally and accomplishing any other goals you have your eye on. “

We’re proud to introduce this months’ employee spotlight, Yoana Mavrova, a Structural Engineer with six years of experience designing multimillion dollar structures including K-12, higher education, commercial, pharmaceutical, and chemical facilities with her P.E. license expected in 2022. She performs structural design and analysis calculations on industrial projects utilizing materials such as structural steel, masonry, cold-formed, and concrete. Yoana graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in Civil Engineering, later working for a large firm until she joined Plus Group six months ago.

Engineering was on Yoana’s radar from a young age. She attributes her early love for structure, art, and design to her Dad, an Architect, who always had drawings and blueprints laying around the house. She quickly gravitated toward Math and Science after moving to the United States from Bulgaria at age 11- finding familiarity and comfort with numbers. When she graduated high school, she knew that Engineering would be the perfect fit.

Yoana spent 5 years working for a competitive engineering firm with high-stress environment where all-nighters were met with little appreciation or support. Yoana continued to excel in her role and enjoyed the level of rigor but felt stuck professionally and undervalued as a young female engineer. Yoana began to explore other options and interviewed with Plus Group. Instantly, Yoana sensed a shift in our company culture that reignited her love of engineering and gave her hope for a happier work-life balance.

“A company that values passion and positivity would be far more powerful and successful, than a company that does not value it’s employee culture.”

From day one, Yoana was met with encouraging positivity and the mentorship she was searching for. With her technical skill and bright personality, she quickly stood out as a valued member of our team whose passion translates into every project. Yoana feels that Plus Group has awarded her with both professional and personal growth beyond what she could have imagined.

“The Plus Group employees are professional and caring and show a lot of positivity, which makes the environment overall feel lighter. There’s an appreciation of employees that I have not had the chance to experience anywhere else. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with happiness and I am not sure how to express how thankful I am to be a part of the team.”