Training and empowering employees for successful plant floor and business operations.

Academy365 offers customized Site-Specific Training for your facility. Training that empowers your employees to problem solve and fully capitalize on the features and functions of your site and specific systems


  • Customized training for your facility
  • Tailored lesson plans for both your automation platform and specific operations
  • Classes led by experienced engineers
  • Detailed training schedule and training materials
  • Ability to provide all training equipment (laptops, PLCs, etc.)
  • Hands on experience and practical troubleshooting incorporated into customized training plan
  • Optional skill evaluations can be provided to identify capabilities of your team

Selected Training Courses Include the Following:

1926 OSHA10 & 1936 OSHA30

Training & Certification

Plus Group specializes in OSHA10 & OSHA30 training that meets the demands of the revised OSHA training requirements for construction and general industry. In addition, our various training options allow you to choose the training that meets your budget and allows for training wherever convenient to you. During this course, your teams will learn to perform compliance auditing of process safety management and risk management programs following OSHA’s legally mandated safety training requirements.

Offered: Virtual/ Client Site/ Local PG Site

Authorized Instructor: Rosario Ferraro

PGHYG-101, PGHYG-201 & PGHYG-301

Hygienic Design & Implementation

This course covers topics designed for our customer’s unique facility, utilities, process, and packaging systems. The instructor has designed new and modified existing systems for various products that are susceptible to microorganisms, contamination, including high-viscosity products.

Offered: Online/ Remote/ Client Site

Taught By: Dennis McCullough, M.S., CPP


Industrial Networking


This 2-Day course teaches Plant/Control engineers the basics of networking with a focus on Plant floor/industrial deployments and practical application.

Offered: Online/ Remote/ Client Site

Taught By: Ryan Hittinger


Automation/Programming Site Specific Training

This course covers numerous topics designed for our customer’s unique control system and programming software at the site.

Offered: Online/ Remote/ Client Site

Taught By: David Kaylor

PGARC-101 & PGARC-201

Advanced Regulatory Control Methods (Loop Tuning)

This 2-Day course offers hands-on exercises to enable you to build a toolbox of advanced DCS features and to determine which technology will best meet your advanced control needs.

Offered: Online/ Remote/ Client Site

Taught By: Dr. Hank Brittain

Project Example

Customized Siemens Training: Academy365

Plus Group created a tailored lesson plan for customer site personnel on Siemens Step7 as part of Academy365. The training was customized to their site...

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