3D Laser Scanning has never been more accessible and affordable! Reducing downtime and rework, LaserScan365 enables our teams to visualize your facility in the fraction of the time, with resources and tools to start transforming your facility today.

How It Works

Process Plus utilizes Laser Scanning, or LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), a technology used to take highly accurate measurements. Laser scanners take hundreds of thousands of measurements every second to generate point clouds of existing facilities. These point clouds are used to create vector graphics for clash detection and design development. Laser scanning has revolutionized the field of 3D data capture.

As a result, less field time is required to gather field conditions and develop more accurate models. The latest laser scanning technologies enable us to help our clients plan and execute the most efficient projects and allow customers to visualize design development and construction activities fully.

Overall, laser scanning helps us better understand building and facility conditions, enabling us to make better decisions regarding your projects – from the planning stages through completion.

Project Example

Laser Scanning Precision

the raw material SLES 70. Bulk delivery is received at the facility via tanker truck and offloaded into a heated outdoor primary storage tank. The...

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