Comprehensive optimization of equipment and packaging lines for maximum OEE.


  • Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Root Cause Mitigation
  • Targeted Equipment Analysis
  • Safety Review & Compliance
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Programming Optimization
  • Vendor Equipment & Overall Line Control
  • Data Optimization

Client Case Study

  • Increased raw material delivery from client’s upstream process system to automatic bottle filling by 25%
  • Increased empty and filled bottle inventory accounting accuracy from 87% to 98%
  • Installed multiple safeguards to prevent downtime due to operator errors
    Assisted with OEM upgrades to equipment

Enhanced Emulate3D technology by Rockwell for PKG365 Services. Benefits Include:

  • It allows us to bring “what if?” scenarios to life, allowing for optimized configuration and parameters to meet your business objectives.
  • Quick and straightforward, the easiest way to demonstrate, explain and develop your project.
  • Emulate 3D allows us to accurately identify bottlenecks, dimension layouts, and test out different operations to increase your understanding of how a system responds to changes.
  • Before building the actual system, we can develop, test, and produce robust PLC and mid-level control systems offline.
  • Building a Dynamic Digital Twin saves time and money by testing the control system before going on-sit.
  • Create accurate 3D layouts of production lines, warehouses, distribution centers, and baggage handling system.
  • Create impressive models fast, without spending the project budget before you even get it.
  • Save Time and Money with virtual commissioning.
  • It provides Realistic feedback, operator training becomes safer, cheaper, and does not disrupt existing production.