Audit, establish , and maintain a complete cybersecurity program for plant floor information systems, including continuous monitoring and auditing.

ISACA certified and with a focus on a proactive, threat based intelligence approach towards cybersecurity our
information systems team works to increase your resilience against cyber threats. This includes SCADA
controls and visualization (OT), cybersecurity, ICS Networking, data and reporting.

Our team of industry seasoned professionals is lead by Plus Groups’ Director of Cybersecurity, Dave Jennings. Dave brings over 20 years of experience to tailor our proven process to your specific business needs. Dave and the Secure365 team gives you the confidence to know your factories most complex information systems are protected and your business is secure.

Our Process Tackles Your Cybersecurity Needs in Three Steps


Plus Group Cybersecurity team will perform a network and security assessment to determine the initial state of your cybersecurity. Each control will be continuous and repeatable.


Perform a risk assessment analysis to prioritize plant floor systems and equipment. This assessment will determine the level of risk acceptable to the organization and determine the scope of the mitigation controls necessary to accomplish the required level of security.


Design the network and system controls to improve plant floor cybersecurity, based on the scope developed in the risk assessment. Continuously monitor, evaluate, and audit repeatable controls to ensure effectiveness as it relates to cybersecurity.

Minimize Exposure By Recognizing Threats

Plus Group proactively seek out vulnerabilities in your systems by simulating cyberattacks. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving, it’s important for you and your team to be able to recognize the various threats including:

+ Internet Threats
+ Intellectual Property Threats
+ State Sponsored Terrorism
+ Insider Threats

Certified IT

CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor, world -renowned as the standard of achievement of those who audit, control, monitor, and assess an organizations IT & Business Systems.

ISACA: Cybersecurity Audit Certificate, earners of this certificate have completed an exam that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of risk, controls, and security knowledge necessary to perform cybersecurity audits and critical to an organizations cybersecurity program.

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Dave Jennings

Dave has over 20 years of professional experience in industrial controls systems. David’s focus areas include SCADA controls and visualization, ICS networking, cybersecurity, and data collection and reporting.