This Christmas the Plus Group sponsored one of our favorite programs-the Giving Tree!

The Giving Tree program reaches out to families of local organizations, churches, and employee friends and family who are in need of some extra Christmas cheer. Families are nominated and contacted to help us define their wants and needs. Each child of the families nominated then has three tags placed on our tree in the office. The tags describe their favorite toys, clothing and shoe sizes, books, movies, and more.

In 2016, we have helped 15 families, 2 orphanages, and a total of 196 children! This program allowed the company and employees to focus not only on the Springdale community, but also the communities of our employees.

Employees are involved in the following ways:

  • Nominating families
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • Donating money for gifts
  • Purchasing gifts
  • Wrapping gifts at the office
  • Delivering gifts to families

The program concluded yesterday with over 250 presents and roughly 150 gift cards. Children were given clothing, coats, toys, beauty products, and gift cards. Each parent was also gifted with grocery and gas cards for the upcoming year as well as a restaurant gift card for a warm holiday meal.

Roughly $2, 000 was donated to an orphanage in Haiti. To learn about this orphanage, visit their website. Visit our facebook page to see more pictures.

For more information on holiday traditions of past years, check out this article.


Merry Christmas from the Plus Group!