The manufacturing world is constantly evolving and the integration of digital technology is enhancing the way products are produced. This digital transformation is known as Industry 4.0 and will power another industrial revolution. Plus Group’s talented and dedicated engineers  provide innovative solutions to transform and improve manufacturers and their processes by implementing a variety of Industry 4.0 centric solutions, including:

+ Data Insight: Real Time Connections to Business Systems & Operations

+ Operational Enhancement: Holistically Optimizing Operations

+ Predicative Production/Maintenance

+ Targeted Equipment/Operation Analysis

+ Automating/Verifying Manual Processes

+ Agile Manufacturing

+ Augmented & Connected Worker

Recently, Automation Plus displayed their “Industry 4.0”  innovation for a Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company.

This real world Industry 4.0 implementation was  executed after collaborating with our client and discussing their challenges. Those challenges, in addition to an outdated control system was reliability issues, production inefficiency, quality, and raw material tracking issues. The project was funded as a control system migration but future oriented by creating an interface between the factory floor software and the SAP enterprise system. This solution enabled lower batch cycle times, electronic batch records, a more consistent product, total paperless production, ERP level logistics and integration and a full simulation system within a validated environment. In addition it allowed for real time Raw material ordering from logistics based on actual product production and usage. This solution both mitigated risk and minimized operational costs, while  providing electronic records, data insights, and full data security.