Author: Paul Walker, Construction Management Department Manager
March 31, 2015

An Owner Representative is an individual that performs roles and responsibilities on projects that are traditionally executed by the Client.  The duties of an Owner Representative are typically requested when a Client does not have the experience or personnel availability to execute the project, or does not want to execute the project internally.  Owner Representative services can be used to supplement the Client’s engineering department on multiple small projects or to execute a single complex project that would require a full-time equivalent in order to be successfully completed

The Owner Representative’s duties consist of walking projects through the stage gating process from conception to completion.  The phases and duties of stage gating can be dictated by the Client’s internal processes or created to supplement the project needs.  The purpose of the gates is to gain internal acceptance of the project intent and capital funding required to procure the design and construction phases.  The Owner Representative creates and executes the required documentation for each phase, conducts internal and external meetings, and tracks the project schedule.  They also track the project budget, procure outside resources, and are responsible for the overall execution of the project.