Plus Group Stays Open To Keep You Open

As COVID-19 continues its spread and impact on the way we handle our daily businesses, Plus Group is here to assist in keeping your business on track for success. Whether it’s altering your production lines to meet changing consumer demands or modifying your facility to meet a Clean Hygienic Design, Plus Group subject matter experts are here to help.  

Plus Group Offers On- Site Support:

Trust the Plus Group’s Specialists to get your facility up to code and save you time and money. Our  trained specialist offer a wide array of services and have experience implementing them in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Consumer Products and Chemical Industries. Working diligently with clients’ engineering, operations, and quality personnel to provide them with commissioning and qualification (C&Q) documentation in compliance with federal regulations.

Meet the Expert! 

Jay Tarter, is Plus Groups Validation Department Manager. He develops Commissioning & Validation Master Plans (CVMP) and defines the C&V project approach and scope as well as validation policies for compliance to current industry standards and federal regulations. Jay has 25+ years of professional experience in the food, pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, consumer products and general manufacturing industries. His general validation experience includes project management, developing validation master plans and commissioning plans, developing and executing IQ/OQ/PQ/CV protocols and SOPs for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, process and packaging equipment, supporting utilities, HVAC / Environmental Control systems, and computerized systems and software. General electrical and controls & instrumentation experience includes all phases of design from concept through start-up for both new facilities and existing plant renovations.