Spring has sprung! Plus Group wishes a safe and bountiful planting season to farmers across the world this year!

The farm provides yearlong hard work, opportunity, and challenges for farmers. Dan Clevenger is very familiar with the importance of a harvest can yield as he owns his own farm, where soil management and crop rotation between corn and soybeans are critical factors for a successful harvest.

With the weather getting warmer, he and thousands of farmers begin to build their excitement as they turn the soil, and growth starts to emerge through the soil. With this great excitement comes great opportunity. At Plus Group, we are more than engineers, architects, and programmers, but farmers and entrepreneurs as well, bringing unmatched comprehension to the customers we serve.

Dan is an asset to his community by providing locally grown crops to our customers by offering insight and understanding to their complex needs from corn and bean processing.

Plus Groups makes human lives more efficient, profitable, sustainable, energy, and cost-saving while enhancing quality one plant at a time.

Dan Clevenger on his 40 acre farm in Cincinnati, OH.

Meet Dan, Vice President of Business Development and Principal here at Plus Group.  Dan has worked in Agri-Food Industry for over 23 Years in Construction, Operations, Maintenance, Plant optimization, Environmental, Distillation / Evaporation Assistant Superintendent, Project Engineer, Capital Appropriation, Project Manager & Consulting. Dan has extensive experience with Corn Processing, Drying, Solvent Extraction, SPC, Soy Isolate, Extrusion, Oil Refining, and Lecithin Production & Refining.
By: Torie Powers