Author: Jack Obszarski, P.E., S.E., Principal + Structural Engineer
September 9, 2014

PrismsAre these figures some
remnants of Stonehenge? Or maybe exaggerated chess pieces from an Alice in Wonderland skit? Or even the fabrications of alien beings in a Dean Koontz sci-fi novel?Guatemala Prisms

Fortunately, none of these describe the form and function of these hollow concrete prisms. These figures actually represent the accomplishments of one of Process Plus’ structural engineers who took part in Process Plus’ Service Leave Program. Our engineer took time away from the standard concrete foundations and skeletal steel structures to put concrete to a different use. She was part of a group that performed a service project in rural Guatemala. Each one of the prisms is actually an individual home filtration system to enable the community to enjoy safe drinking water. Each prism has four sides and a bottom, but no top. Once each is site cast and completely cured, the prism is filled with a filtration medium of sand and gravel. River water is poured into the open top; and once it migrates through the sand and gravel, it emerges as potable water from a tube located at the triangular concrete “snout”.
Service projects and community involvement are strongly supported throughout the Process Plus organization. In fact, in order to encourage participation in projects such as the one you see here the company has a Service Leave Policy. This policy was designed to augment Paid Time Off (PTO) for employees involved in community, church and charitable activities that require absences of two days or more from work. The company maintains this program as a way to encourage employee’s involvement in charitable activities. The program allows for 50% of the time away to be covered by the employee through normal PTO, and 50% covered by the company, up to a maximum of 20 hours per employee per calendar year.

This is just one example of what happens here at Process Plus. Last year, 112 hours’ worth of pay was given to employees by Process Plus for their time to volunteer with their preferred community service organization.