Process Plus provided 3 Year Site Master Planning services for a biomass solvent extraction facility that produces two fermentable strains of microalgae which produce oils rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

The Master Planning included projects for process safety improvements, capacity enhancements and compliance with various environmental & regulatory standards.

Value Provided:

  • Capacity increase from 90 metric tons/month to 200 metric tons/month
  • Process Plus’ understanding of NFPA 36 assisted in working with local POTC (Publicly Owned Treatment Works) to accommodate waste water regulatory issues.
  • Process Plus provided in depth knowledge of n-hexane solvent extraction and detail design of unit operations to support the plant.
  • Process Plus provided aid in the DHA stripping and refining process.
  • Process Plus was consulted to provide PSM program support and lead the HAZOP study.