Plus Group completed the construction, engineering, for a new MACT BOF instillation on a Secondary Emissions Collection System for a large steel and mining company.

In July 2003 the USEPA promulgated the Maximum Achievable Controls Technology (MACT) standard for the Iron & Steel Industry.  This standard set limits for opacity emissions for all secondary emissions arising out of the production of Iron at the Blast Furnaces and Steel at the Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOF’s).  The Iron & Steel Industry had 3 years to have their systems designed and installed and running to meet the standard. This MACT System was designed to capture both the emissions from the charging of iron & scrap into the BOF vessels as well as the emissions resulting from tapping of the vessels after the steel making process was complete and other ancillary emissions from the process.

Services Provided:

  • CDF Modeling, Process Design, and Generation of O&M Manuals
  • Construction Supervision, Procurement Services, and Engineering Field Assistance
  • Detailed Design and Installation Drawings for all electrical components based on fabric filter vendor schematics and interconnects
  • All electrical engineering, design, and specifications for the 13.8 KV transformers, switchgear (fan motor power), motor control centers, PLC’s, embedded duct, conduit and cable schedules and all associated devices.
  • All air and water piping engineering and design for the new compressor systems that fed the pulsejet fabric filter as well as other plant specified equipment.
  • All mechanical and ductwork design and detail installation engineering for the new ductwork system provided plus all structural and civil installation engineering for the new equipment and the new ductwork system.