Plus Group completed the engineering and design for a packaging operations project at a bourbon distillery. The project included the relocation of an existing bottling operation from its current location to an existing building on the site. Two building additions were also designed to accommodate the relocation which included process equipment, warehousing for raw materials and finished product, short-term product storage, QC lab, office space and employee welfare areas. Additionally, an overhead pipeline, more than 2,000 feet in length, was designed to transport the product from the production areas to the new bottling lines.

Plus Group completed conceptual, definition, and detailed design for this project. Success criteria included maintaining product quality, reducing product loss, providing great tourist experience, improving operability and maintenance of the process, and maintaining the historic nature of the site.

System Includes:

  • Bottling Operations including (4) packaging lines
  • Indoor tank farm and associated equipment.
  • Overhead pipeline with pigging system

Value Provided:

  • Best Value Option Analysis on six options for product transfer to determine what best meets
    the client’s needs 
  • Designed to cGMP standards including air pressurization zoning
  • Improved material finishes while maintaining historical exterior façade
  • Utilized a pigging system to clean pipes rather than air blow for greater efficiency
  • Utilized ASME tank heads for better cleanability (less liquid pooling)
  • Specified VFDs motors (not currently standard at facility)
  • Leveraged relationships with vendors to get better quality and lower cost equipment bids