The projects that Plus Group has completed for the brewery include:

Filler Drive Shaft

  • Plus Group audited the filler drive shaft and difficulties associated with aligning the current shaft properly between the main drive motor filler main gear box. We also designed a new drive shaft assembly to eliminate the obsolete hydraulic housing.  The new shaft is supported by two bearings, one near each end, and spans from the existing motor output shaft to the filler main gear box input shaft.

Filler Evaluation

  • Plus Group audited the filler drive shaft and reviewed existing filler documentation and drive concerns with operations/maintenance to identify maintainability/reliability risks and provide options to reconfigure the drive to reduce risk.

Plant P&ID’s

  • Plus Group evaluated the current systems due to the facility experiencing yield loss. We provided process design services to walk-down the brew house, fermentation, storage, bottling, hot water, and cold water systems and develop AutoCAD Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s).

Cellar Air Distribution

  • Plus Group provided engineering support for an upfront feasibility study on a cellar to identify options to improve circulation to resolve non-uniform cellar temperature ranges that could affect product quality. This included reviewing production and maintenance operations; examining the building envelope; observing cooling systems operation and measuring temperatures at various locations; and reviewing existing drawings.  These observations resulted in a recommended design approach and alternatives that were examined.

Deaerated Water P&ID

  • Plus Group provided system walk-downs to generate P&ID’s of the systems in AutoCAD format.