Plus Group resources completed the definition, cost estimate, procurement, and installation management for a compliance/titration wallet packaging line in a pharmaceutical facility. The automated process created a large format blister
containing 4 different strengths, formed wallets from blanks, assembled the wallet, blister and required literature components into a single unit, and bulk packed the finished wallets into display cartons.
Process Plus resources worked with the client to develop the compliance package configurations required for the complex dosing strategy needed for the products to be produced. Process Plus resources acted as the client representative for the project, engaging with equipment manufacturers for equipment designs to meet the specifications and requirements. Process Plus resources also managed the coordination with the various suppliers to provide an efficient automated solution for the process with minimal operator interaction.



Value Provided:

  • Plus Group resources provided installation management for the project, reducing the clients time input required for project completion.
  • Plus Group resources assisted the client with package design to obtain an F=2 level child resistant package.
  • A line speed of 90 units a minute was obtained on a configuration containing a large format 120 mm x 180 mm blister card, 2 booklets, and a promotional discount card all in a book style wallet. The new process requires only 4 operators replacing a previous manual assembly/card sealing process that required 20 employees yielding only 40 a minute.
  • The Process Plus resource guided package design was recognized by the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council for its ability to aid patients in the compliance of more complicated dosing regiments which included when the dose or med varies at different time periods during the month.

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