A Corn Processing facility wanted to improve quality, increase production, and modernize their control platform. The client’s existing control was utilizing a legacy hard-wired based system. The client partnered with Automation Plus to recontrol the entire Starch Processing Facility to a new Emerson DeltaV system(hardware and software).

System Includes:

  • Approximately 700 I/O points.
  • Interfacing between various control systems (Square D, Allen-Bradley PLC, Fisher Provox and DeltaV).
  • Automated control of approximately 115 process motors.
  • Automated monitoring of a hose switching station, using pressure transmitters on fieldbus.

Value Provided:

  • Demolition and construction sequencing was critical. The system had to remain operational, except for several 2 to 3 day shutdowns. A detailed understanding of the process and close coordination with plant personnel allowed the installation to be performed as scheduled. Plant allocated 13 total down days for this project and work was accomplished in 8 days.
  • Automation Team personnel worked closely with client and system integrator during Definition and Construction Phases.
  • No lost production time was caused by the implementation of this project.