Plus Group’s Automation Plus provided Automation IT Services for the Network Initiative project at a Major Chemical Facility.

The client began a cybersecurity initiative to separate Information Technology (IT) from Operational Technology (OT). This occurred in a two-phase project. The first phase was to determine what the previous infrastructure was and to document it. The second phase was to develop a plan for separation of IT/OT and execute.

The first phase consisted of the network drawings for the 30 plants in North America. The challenge being that some network drawings were in existence, but they had deficiencies on one or more of the following fields:

  • Inaccurate information due to age of the drawings and changes that were not updated
  • Different formats and software used to generate the drawings
  • Incomplete information due to areas of the plant not being documented and organic growth of systems

Automation Plus was to develop documentation of the network, and then perform the collection of the necessary information to generate and update the standard drawing database for the plants, and next to generate a set of AutoCAD drawings following the clients standards. These drawings consisted of two categories: NAD (Network Architecture Drawings) and NDD (Network Detailed Drawings).

After the existing infrastructure was known and documented, phase two began. This phase started with collaborating with customers IT and OT staff to create comprehensive standards for IT/OT networking. Once created and agreed upon, Automation Plus took this Standard’s document and applied it to the customers site. This involved analyzing the drawings and documentation from phase one and determining and deficiencies from the new standard. The Automation team then created a remediation pan that brought the network up to standard.

LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA


Value Provided:

  • Our IT/OT and Manufacturing Intelligence department is uniquely suited in assisting clients to move forward with their digital transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Our team is composed of engineers, specialists and developers who partner with our clients driving joint success. This resulted in us being named one of the “Most Promising System Integrator Companies 2020” by Analytics Insight.


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