Our client was implementing this portion as part of a two-phased project for advanced data collection and analytics within their manufacturing facility. Automation Plus utilized Inductive Automation’s Ignition software as the SCADA solution for the site. Automaton Plus provided all the design, programming and startup for this project. The solution was in line with their corporate standards and resided within a virtualized environment. Multiple collaborative sessions occurred with the client (operations and IT) to drive alignment and project parameters.

LOCATION: Piscataway, NJ


System Includes:

  • New Virtualized server, in server room
  • New HMI Program
  • Ignition based Faceplates (designed for Rockwell Logix based AOI’s)
  • New industrial touch screen PC’s (2) replacing existing hardened terminals
  • Completely Ethernet based

Control Scope Includes:

  • Specification and Setup of the virtualized server to contain the HMI application ( in server room)
  • Installation of software, and subsequent programming onto the virtualized server
  • Specification and Setup of plant floor touch screen PC to remotely access virtualized server for direct operator interaction.

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