Plus Group provided all engineering and design services, programming, IT, startup, and construction management for a new packaging structure which included eight packaging lines for a variety of packing unit sizes.

New packaging lines and isolated wash down capable rooms were designed to fit within the existing facility and designed to be installed in a way that minimized interference with ongoing operations. Each line consisted of three levels of new equipment for powders handling, sifting, and pack off. cGMP principles as well as client design guidelines were employed along with extensive design reviews with the project stake holders. To meet the client’s budgetary goals value engineering options were developed to help with decision making.

System Includes:

  • New Bulk Bag Unloaders including 2 powered hoists
  • New Screeners mounted on carts to eliminate product clumps. Screeners were mounted on carts for Cleaning Out of Place (COP).
  • New large bag fillers (5 – 50 lbs.) with active weight control and verification of each bag during and post fill.
  • New Vertical Form Fill Seal Small volume baggers (1 – 5 lbs.) with an integrated downstream check weigher to automatically adjust volumetric fill weights.
  • Development of pipe stack-up drawings to connect the 3 separate floors of operations (Bulk Bag Unloading – 3rd floor, Screening – 2nd floor; Filling – 1st floor).
  • Development of secondary packaging including pallet lift/tilt/rotate tables and Vacu-hoist systems to assist with lifting heavy loads.