A local industrial ink manufacturer needed to vacate their existing facility and move to a new production facility within 11 months. The relocation involved the consolidation of operations in five separate process buildings into one new manufacturing facility. The new facility is approximately 70,000 square feet and consists of office space, laboratories, employee welfare areas, production offices, maintenance shop and mechanical areas, production areas including hazardous use space, and warehouse.

System Includes:

  • Batch Control System has an Allen-Bradley 5 Series PLC, four Intellution Fix operator
    interfaces, Visual Basic programs and a database
  • Modular logic based on the S88 Batch Standard. The logic has three levels of control.
  • iFIX allows the operator to select one of several hundred product recipes and load the
    PLC with all the data required to run the batch.
  • High shear dispersers retrofit for central control as well as local control.
  • Integration with customers’ existing corporate MIS system.

Value Provided:

  • Specified hardware and software for automation of 9 high shear dispersers based on ink recipes.
  • Process Plus provided on-site automation, instrumentation, electrical and process
    engineering services during start-up.
  • The custom batch software provided is lower cost, easier to use, and offers a higher level of reliability than off the shelf software.