Bulk SLES delivery is received at the facility via tanker truck and offloaded into a new, heated, outdoor storage tank. The SLES is pumped through a piping loop serving 3 mix tanks and additionally pumped to a new storage tank in a secondary Process Area.  In the secondary area, a single pump and two (2) piping loops will distribute SLES to 17 mixing tanks. All piping will be heat traced and the storage tanks will have hot water jackets. Along with the SLES addition, a new pump and supply line will be added from an existing storage tank to supply ethanol to the mix tanks.  The new equipment and piping span large distances through several buildings and roof areas creating a challenging design scenario.

The laser scan provided a 3D virtual facility which was used to design the piping delivery system saving a substantial amount of on-site time to gather measurements. The scan was instrumental in the accurate placement of new equipment in a crowded tank farm and allowed the client to visualize the final design before construction.

Value Provided By Plus Group:

+ Laser Scan Point Cloud and 3D model for easy visualization of design progress.
+ Reduced on-site time and lower overall cost.
+ Accurate construction package.

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