the raw material SLES 70. Bulk delivery is received at the facility via tanker truck and offloaded into a heated outdoor primary storage tank. The SLES 70 will either be pumped through a loop serving the Process Areas and returning to the storage tank or pumped to a storage tank in a secondary Process Area. A single pump and two (2) piping loops will be utilized to distribute SLES 70 to mixing tanks. The SLES is temperature sensitive and design considerations will be made to keep it within its acceptable temperature range during unloading, storage, and distribution. This included two new heat transfer skids using the local steam system to heat water then cycle thru the process heat exchangers. All SLES 70 pipes will be heat traced and the storage tanks will have hot water jackets. Along with the SLES 70 addition, a new pump and supply line will be added from the ethanol storage tank adjacent to area 2 processing to supply ethanol to several Process mixers.
The laser scan provided a 3D virtual facility used to design the equipment arrangement and piping delivery system saving a substantial amount of on-site time to gather measurements. The scan was instrumental for the accurate placement of new equipment in a crowded tank farm. Additionally, long runs of 4” insulated piping were required along a roof and inside the building to supply 17 mixers in a congested Process Area.

Value Provided By Plus Group:

+ 3D model with laser scan for easy visualization of design progress.
+ Reduced on-site time and lower overall cost.
+ Accurate construction package.

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