Plus Group completed the Conceptual, Definition, Detail Design, Procurement, Automation, Construction Management, Commissioning, Qualification and Validation for the expansion of existing manufacturing plants. The project included the installation of additional mixing capacity to facilitate further plant improvements.

LOCATION: Bowling Green, KY & Salt Lake City, UT

Value Provided:

  •  Utilized 3D CAD for design, which allowed client personnel to “walkthrough” the facility ahead of time. The client was entitled to make adjustments before construction saving the client construction costs.
  • With over 100 items purchased for this project, Plus Group provided extensive procurement support by evaluating vendor equipment bids, providing recommendations, preparing purchase requirements, and expediting all orders to meet aggressive schedule demands.
  • Provided PLC programming, prepared operator screens and sequence diagrams, and performed client acceptance testing (CAT). Completing the CAT allowed the client to make minor adjustments before downloading changes onto the client’s PLC programming system, preventing more significant time and cost expenses.
  • Completed construction quality assurance and quality control minimizing construction costs by addressing concerns before construction completion.
  • Saved client time by incorporating safe practices throughout design.
  • Performed installation checks for all equipment and instrumentation. Static checks allowed Plus Group to verify specifications were met, preventing possible cost implications and safety issues.

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