Automation Plus provided engineering, automation, and onsite startup services for the installation of three new packaging lines, consisting of ten separate pieces of vendor equipment and conveyance connecting all systems for a large consumer products company.

The new packaging lines also utilized a day tank system (skid designed by Plus Group) to handle material transfers from processing and then feeding that product to the filling machine. In addition a supervisory packaging line PLC was installed and programmed to coordinate operation and communications between OEM packaging equipment and conveyors, and manage data collection for a supervisory system.

The day tank skid worked in conjunction with processing by exchanging information related to current status, and fault conditions. Recipes were also implemented for Product Transfer, Pigging, Cleaning, and SIP operations to fully automate standard workflow. The packaging line PLC provided allowed for more consistent throughput, reduced bottlenecks, and significant improvement in overall OEE. Product-specific recipes for packaging line control were also defined, created and implemented reducing changeover time.

Value Provided:

  • PDP skid design moves client toward a standardized packaging template; improved troubleshooting and reduced operator learning curve across multiple lines.
  • Standardization reduces engineering/design costs for future packaging line expansion
    (Phase II)
  • Single multifunctional engineer performed both PLC & HMI programming; providing single point
    of contact and expertise across client’s entire packaging and process system.