Each palletizer/stretch wrapper combination was moved approximately 800 feet from its current location at the client’s facility. The client requested Plus Group document the existing controls wiring for the palletizers and stretch wrappers to facilitate the relocation and rewiring. Plus Group designed to control and power panels for three new conveyor lines and updated the controls in existing control panels. In addition, Plus Group integrated the conveyors with motor and photo eyes into packaging logic. Plus Group also identified potential power sources for the relocated and installed equipment.

Plus Group construction manager was active on client’s site to facilitate the efforts of installing the conveyors and relocating the palletizers and stretch wrap.

LOCATION: Bowling Green, KY

Value Provided by Plus Group

  • Integrated new conveyors and operating parameters into legacy Allen-Bradley SLC 500 processors.
  • Able to integrate new and old systems with limited availability to existing data equipment.
  • Designed new control system and automated conveyor operating logic.
  • Plus Group provided engineering expertise and manpower not available at the client’s facility to assist and expedite the project.
  • Supported quick turnaround of deliverables and project execution to meet project needs.

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