Plus Group resources completed the definition, cost estimate, procurement, installation management, commissioning, and validation for a physician sample bottle configuration production line at a pharmaceutical facility. The process involved seven count filling a 30cc bottle, labeling, cartoning each bottle, packaging 12 cartons in a display tray, and banding the trays for transport.

Process Plus resources managed this project from its inception by the client. The client provided a concept package configuration and established a unit production goal per hour for the process. From there Process Plus resources developed the process, developed equipment specifications, evaluated equipment options and submitted options to the client. After client approval, Process Plus resources managed the project from procurement through validation.

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH


Value Provided:

  • The space allotment for the production line was limited and required an existing production space without modifications. Plus Group resources developed a line layout optimizing the space available to create an efficient process and adequate material flows.
  • Plus Group resources were able to design the line to obtain a line speed of 160 sample bottles/minute, exceeding the project requirements while remaining within the allotted project budget. At the project start, this line was expected to run 24/7 to meet forecasted volumes. With the increased line speed, the client produced the same forecasted volumes with only two shifts, five days a week.
  • Process Plus resources introduced laser ablation printing for labels and cartons and assisted with its successful implementation to the site. The setup and downtime reductions seen by the client through the implementation of laser printing on this project justified a switch to laser ablation printing being deployed to the other nine packaging lines in their facility.

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