Plus Group provided Construction Management, Engineering, Procurement and Automation services for the installation of a bulk unloading, storage, and distribution system.

The project included the installation of two new bulk storage tanks through the roof of an enclosed active tank farm; additional process line installation; and the addition of power and control capabilities to existing panels / MCC sections.

Value Provided by Design Build Plus:

  • Design Build Plus was able to provide our client with a turnkey solution for their project execution. The client wanted to perform the project with a design build open book approach that would allow for all subcontracts to be competitively bid, provide the client with final approval for contractors / vendor, and allow the project to be fast tracked with minimal amount of design requirements.
  • Having Process Plus and Automation Plus as sister companies allowed the project to be bid, constructed, engineered and automated in a parallel fashion while providing a condensed schedule and competitive bidding process.