Plus Group resources completed the definition, cost estimate, procurement, installation management, commissioning, and validation for a no-propellent metered-dose inhaler production line at a pharmaceutical facility. The automated process assembled the delivery device from 6 components, charged the device with the API, labeled and inspected the device, foil pouched the completed device, secondary packaged the foil pouch(s), case packed the secondary cartons, and palletized the finish product.

Process Plus resources worked with component manufacturers to create the proprietary device design to meet the client’s product performance expectations. Process Plus resources developed the specifications and requirements for the equipment needed to automate the entire process utilizing just three operators.

LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland


Value Provided:

  • Plus Group resources provided engineering expertise and manpower not available at the client’s facility to assist and expedite the project.
  • Plus Group resources utilized their established relationships with equipment manufacturers to expedite the detail design of the process and equipment.
  • The new process was designed utilizing an existing facility layout requiring minimal changes, reducing incurred costs for the client associated with major facility modifications normally required for a project this size.
  • Project was clients first delivery system product, and first of its kind in the market providing the client a novel delivery system ahead of their competition.

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