A major client in the chemical industry engaged the Plus Group to support the transformation of an existing polymer packaging facility. The site was to increase daily packaging throughput capacity from around 500 unit loads per day to over 900 unit loads per day over a 3 year period. The site was landlocked and unable to expand significantly to accommodate the added equipment and personnel to package the increased volumes. The client had already planned for two additional fill systems which had to be installed in specific locations due to the available silos that would feed them.
After an in depth review of the clients processes and gaining a clear understanding of the success criteria that would justify the transformation, The Plus Group visited the site visit to assess the available space.
The challenges faced by this operation were:
• Increase Daily Throughput by over 60%
• Needed to add additional equipment into limited space – essentially landlocked
• Had an Operational goal of no additional human resources (preferred to reduce human capital if possible)
• Understood automation highly manual processes involving the WIP feeding the fillers was imperative to achieving objectives
• Had to accommodate a large variety of WIP that was customized for clients’ needs
Our process to help this client involved a feasibility study with the following steps:
1. Acquiring a deeper understanding of the client’s vision and business model as they relate to the packaging facility.
2. Analysis of production, operational challenges, and business objectives to create the framework for potential solutions.
3. Identify opportunities to economize and develop customized solutions.
4. Integration of the proposed solutions within existing assets through the development of proposed layouts.
5. Convergence on an overall recommendation, and developing detailed scope, budget, and execution strategy.
6. Identify risks associated with the proposed solution and mitigation options.
7. Summarize the above in a report and propose recommendations for Client Management Team.



Services Provided:

Feasibility Study to include:
1. Site Assessment
2. Process Evaluation and Recommendations for Automation
3. Option Development
4. Support Best Value Option Analysis
5. Development Estimate of Probable Cost for Turnkey Execution
Proposed Solution’s Features:
6. Total Installed Cost $6.3MM
7. Automated all manually WIP processing functions and created buffering system
8. Creating Inventory Tracking solution with RFID technology
9. Reduced Headcount – as proposed from 25 to 14 resources

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