Plus Group provided conceptual, estimating services and design through 60% for the retrofit of a Potent Compound Spray Drying Suite for a Major Pharmaceutical company.

Plus Groups’ Process Plus team evaluated and developed multiple locations options for the spray drying suite within an existing facility. The facility within a facility concept was utilized to isolate this potent compound processing suite from the remaining production operations. After a single location was selected, we worked with the client to optimize the material handling and containment concepts for adding a spray dryer, vacuum dryer, bin blending, and roller compaction.

Working with the equipment vendors, Process Plus developed layouts that avoided structural revisions to the existing bar joist roof framing while accommodating cGMP and product containment and isolation requirements. Mechanical mezzanines were developed within the existing building for clean access within the cGMP rooms and additional areas for mechanical support equipment such as CIP skid, Temperature Control Units (TCU’s), fans, MCC’s, etc. Due to limited exterior ground space, plans were developed for a structural platform above the existing roof structure for new HVAC equipment.

Capital Cost Estimates were developed and reviewed at the Conceptual phase and then at the end of the Definition phase.

Services Provided:

  • Process Definition for all phases
  • Equipment Layouts
  • Instrumentation Specification & Selection
  • Structural Design
  • Capital Cost Estimates for each phase
  • Commissioning and Startup Assistance
  • Detailed Design Engineering Estimates
  • Scope Gare Documentation

Value Provided by Plus Group:

  • Process Plus detailed design and installation allowed for accommodating room construction and equipment installation while maintaining production in adjacent GMP areas.
  • Process Plus used their extensive potent compound, solvent, and spray dryer design, engineering, and installation support expertise to define the project in enough detail to develop scope, Basis Of Design, and create detailed design.