The project consisted of new raw processing lines, new cook houses, and addition of two new packaging lines

Plus Group was responsible for all process equipment power, controls and automation of the raw meat processing, cooking, packaging, and bulk ingredient supply systems.

System Includes:

  • One Allen-Bradley ControlLogix with four PanelView Plus operator interfaces to control clean room and packaging room equipment.
  • Servo control using SERCOS card interface to Ultra3000 drives for package combiner control.
  • VFD control of Slipstick conveyors using ControlLogix PLC via ControlNet network.
  • One Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 to control raw meat processing equipment.
  • Messaging between SLC 5/05 and Mixer ControlLogix. Coordinated with Mixer vendor to send Ethernet messages to/from Mixer’s
  • New Motor Control Centers.

Value Provided:

  • Worked with vendors to make wiring modifications at their facility to reduce construction time.
  • Due to Process Plus’ thorough production and checking processes, zero post bid RFI’s were received from construction.
  • Process Plus continued to support the customer throughout construction and start-up phases.